Ok so I was tagged by @joyfulnerd. Here it goes 1) My family nickname is Bossy. Literally. I’m an Aries, I guess it can’t be helped :) My friends call me B. 2) Hazel 3) Light Brown 4) Breakfast is my least favourite meal of the day. I really don’t enjoy breakfast, unless there are pancakes involved. 5) Purple & Pink 6) Any beach, any book store. With a book at the beach. Yep, that’s way better. 7) Kristen Bell. I adore her, eventhough her VM related opinions drive me crazy. Benedict Cumberbatch. I find him very attractive (and dorky) yet one of my guy friends thinks that he looks like an alien, and I can’t really disagree with him either. I guess he is out-of-this-world-pretty :) 8)Dogs. Forever and ever. 9)I have favourite songs for different moods and occasions. So my reply to this question won’t be accurate. “Across the Universe” 10) “Breakfast of Champions”. ” I Capture the Castle” I will also tag only 5 people, 20 is too much. @cainc3 @hanitjemars @fponthedl @ghostcat3000 @absolutelyiris 

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I’m waiting for someone to do this. better like with actual gif of PIAD and the simpsons. so please help.

I got both pics from internet so I dont know who I should credit here. but this is one and the other was in google. 

Poor Jason. He looked so dejected. And who is the numbskull playing Logan? Loved watching him just read the lines though, too funny.

He’s gonna be in iZombie.

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The trailer for Chris Lowell’s directorial debut :)

Come here. ()

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I’m the thing that monsters have nightmares about.

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agents of shield re-watch: 1x05
girl in the flower dress — "You can’t save someone from themselves, sir. You can if you get to them early enough.”

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